HDX Gaming Community

Hello, and welcome to HDXGames! This website is currently in beta status, so you may find that some things are not quite in order. This new site, over time, should fulfill the needs of the HDX community and our friends. We're a private gaming community that likes to have fun , and we also host servers for Minecraft and Teamspeak. Check out the games we play in the navigation menu and join us! As always, if you need any help (or want to report a broken feature), don't hesitate to contact us!

New Minecraft Server

New Minecraft 1.8 Survival server

To celebrate the release of Minecraft version 1.8, we've launched a new survival server! Version 1.8 had been in development for about 300 days - a longer than usual development cycle, but well worth the wait! Head over to the Minecraft section to learn more about the server. Click here to learn more about version 1.8.

Site Update

Site update 2014x1 progress

Site update 2014x1 has been completed with patch 2014.04.21.1. The update was not applied all at once, but rather through a series of builds/parts. 2014x1 overhauled the site UI and better organized the navigation structure of the site. Patch 2014.10.01.1 is based on the progress made by 2014x1, and further refines the site. Check out the build history link in the footer for the changelog.