Build History -
[Known Issues]
* Known issue: [ALL] Voice server status sometimes incorrect.
* Known issue: [IE] Hi-Res images do not downscale well in Internet Explorer (e.g. site logo).
* Known issue: [IE] Page title animation z-index prevents the user from clicking on links on the bottom third of a page (older versions of IE).
* Known issue: [CHROME] Some text rendering issues with older Chromium based browsers on Windows (aliased text, Chromium issue).

- Removed /media pages.
- Removed unused files from database.

- Updated server backend software.
- Backend preparation for site overhaul.
- Removed unused files from database.
- Applied indexes style.

- Added FFXIV pages and files.
- Scroll quick info sidebars if they do not fit page.
- Many other miscellaneous changes.

- Changed the way articles are pulled from database.
- Changed the way sidebar info is pulled from database.
- Stylesheet cleanup and changes.
- Code cleanup.
- Added preload stylesheet (split from main stylesheet).
- Added image_features stylesheet (split from main stylesheet).
- Removed maps, bank, and guild pages from ESO section.
- Backend configuration changes.
- Added D117 and Jay993 pages to Planetside section.
- Moved Planetside to its own directory.
- Changed article publication format.
- Removed custom scroll bar for Webkit browsers.
- Removed overlay box code.
- Re-added third-party stats code.
- Changes to page layouts, added new "showcase" layout style.
- Adjusted colors throughout site and applied new themes.
- Adjust header size, including logo and navigation sizes.
- New site logo added.
- New site backgrounds and Cel shaded art style.
- Auto adjust navigation bar height on low resolutions.
- Page title overlay font size and height reduced.
- Code changes to better detect root directory.
- Added code to enable multiple stackable sidebars.
- Added code to enable multiple stackable articles.
- Added user changeable "dark" and "light" themes (requires cookies enabled).
- Fixed Minecraft server status information.
- Reverted some changes to content management system.
- Many other miscellaneous changes.

- Part 3 of 2014x1 site update.
- Removed unused files from database.
- Code cleanup.
- Simplified meta tags.
- New content management system.
- Changed the way articles are pulled from database.
- Changed the way quick info sidebars are pulled from database.
- Removed nintendo network, pokemon and animal crossing pages.
- Fixed an issue with the 404 redirect page not finding root directory.
- Font adjustments throughout site.
- Many changes and cleanup of stylesheet.
- Numerous backend configuration changes.
- Added ESO directory and pages.
- Removed prewrap div from all pages.
- Site colors adjusted.
- New gallery module added.
- Removed third-party stats code.
- New site logo added.
- Optimized the file size of site backgrounds.
- Hi-Res downscaling on IE mostly fixed.
- Other miscellaneous changes.

- Updated server backend software.
- Patched OpenSSL Heartbleed security issue.

- Preliminary HTTPS support.
- Applied prewrap div to all pages.

- Part 2 of 2014x1 site update.
- Major backend changes to the server.
- Changes to database to allow forum registration.
- Added a user forum to the website.
- Fixed 404 page redirect on new backend.
- Other miscellaneous changes.

- Part 1 of 2014x1 site update.
- Removed Terraria page from menu.
- Removed several pages from database, including Terraria, Battlefield, AvA, TERA and Source pages.
- Moved Skyrim to its own directory.
- Many changes to code to better detect root directory.
- Fixed an issue where the page title animation prevented the user from clicking on links on the bottom of the page. Check known issues above.
- Site background scales to fit all screen sizes and aspect ratios.
- Changed site background. Added code to enable page-specific backgrounds (currently enabled on Planetside page).
- Changed site colors and applied new "espresso" theme.
- Removed social menu.
- Page fade in transition sped up a bit (-500ms).
- Page fade in transition starts at 0.25 instead of 0.
- Page fade in transition now only applies to wrapper page content, not the whole page.
- Changed the layout of the site: page now fills 100% height and width.
- Navigation bar now at 100% width and is fixed in position at z-index 100.
- Footer bar now at 100% width and is fixed in position at z-index 100.
- Page contents now at 100% width and scroll in place.
- New div ids pagestuff, headstuff, sidestuff, prewrap.
- Changed how side bars and articles are laid out side-by-side and added z-index values (10, 20 respectively).
- Added some images to preload for smoother page loads.
- Added custom scrollbar for Webkit based browsers. (Also works on Blink).
- Page title animation font downsized from 120 to 80pt and timing tweaked slightly.
- Page title animation now has background rgb values (equivalent to footer rgb values).
- Custom error 404 page added.
- Other miscellaneous changes.

- Fixed text style issues with older browsers, should display correctly now.
- Changed site background.
- Changed site colors and applied new "dark glass" theme.
- Disabled scaling animation on page load (fade in animation not removed).
- Page load fade in transition speed slowed down a bit (+500ms).
- Page load title animation sped up (-1000ms).

- Fixed some layout issues on small screens / touch screens.
- Changed site background.
- Tweaked site colors.
- Made changes to how articles are pulled (only on the home page for now).
- Cleaned up code.

[Earlier change logs not available.]