Server information

MC1: Survival, Normal World (mc.hdxgames.com) [v1.8.1]
MC2: Survival, Normal World (mc2.hdxgames.com) - Coming soon!
MC3: Hexxit Server (mc3.hdxgames.com) [v1.6.4]

Server Status

MC1 back online, MC3 closed

Update! With the release of Minecraft version 1.8, a new survival server has been brought online on MC1 (mc.hdxgames.com). The original MC1 server has currently been retired and will be brought back online on MC2 (mc2.hdxgames.com) in the future. MC3 (mc3.hdxgames.com) Hexxit server has permanently been closed and will not be brought back online.


Minecraft Server MC1

The new Minecraft 1.8 survival server is coming along nicely! After our recent adventures to the nether, we were able to find a nether fortress! This was crucial, as we needed to hunt blazes which drop blaze rods - a key component for building a brewing stand. After a tiresome journey, we finally have a brewing stand to complement our enchanting station. We even saved a zombie villager using a potion brewed from our new and shiny brewing stand! More to come!